Q.  How do I sign up for dog walking or pet sitting service?
and Alexandra will contact you to arrange a complementary in-
home consultation and she will happily discuss your pet care
needs.  This will provide an opportunity to meet Alexandra and
review your pet’s routine, diet, and exercise needs.  

Q.  How much advance notice do you require before service?
A. You should contact Lovable Pet Sitter as soon as you have
plans and will need pet care.  During holidays and summer time
the schedule quickly fills up.

Q. What is  your service area?
A. The service areas are 92127, 92128, 92129, 92131, and

Q.  What is the earliest you can visit?  The latest you can visit?
A. The earliest visit in the morning is 7 am.  The latest visit in the
evening is 7 pm.

Q. Are you insured and bonded?
A.  Yes, Lovable Pet Sitter is fully insured and carries a rider for
bonding coverage.  Any professional, responsible business
carries liability insurance.

Q.  What type of special training do you have?
A. Certified Professional Pet Sitter and Certified Dog Walker. We
trained in Pet First Aid and Pet CPR by the American Red Cross.

Q. What is the purpose of the In-Home Consultation?
A. An in-home consultation provides an opportunity to meet your
sitter and communicate any information necessary to provide the
best care of your pets.  It provides an opportunity for your pets to
meet the pet sitter and become familiar with the sitter prior to
providing service.

Q. Do I have to leave a copy of my key on file with you? 

A. Most clients prefer this option as we are then available for short
notice visits (as little as a couple hours notice).  All it takes is a
phone call/email to set up future trips.  It can also be difficult to
arrange drop off and pick up key visits that are convenient for both
of us.  We also can let you in if you’re locked out of your house if
we have a copy on file.  Mid-day dog walk clients must leave a key
on file with us for their regular visits.  Methods of key return are
listed on the contract if you do not wish to keep a key on file for
future needs

Q. How is payment handled?
A. During the initial consultation an advance payment for the initial
service will be required.  Once you are an established client,
payment will be due the day service begins. Payment is expected
before services are rendered or a late fee charge of $20 will be

Q. What type of payment do you accept?
A.  We accept cash and personal checks.   Returned checks will
be charged a $30 fee to cover bank costs.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A.  Pet Sitting service:
Overnight cancellations made 30 days in
advance will result in a full refund. If overnight cancellations are
made 14 days in advance, the deposit (50%) is retained. If
overnight cancellations are made less than 14 days in advance,
no refund will be given. For
All other cancellations, 72 hours
notice will result in a full refund. If cancellations are made less
than 72 hours in advance, no refund will be given. There is a $30
fee for key return if necessary.

Q. What are your services hours?
Our Service hours are 7am – 7pm. Services are finished by 8pm.
You may want to consider our Overnight service instead and your
home will be secure since your sitter will be there, making the
house appear occupied.

Q. Can you keep my pet at your home?

A. Boarding or kenneling facilities are not offered right now.  Only
care provided in your home is available.  This allows your pet to
stay in the security of his or her own home and routine.

Q. Will you just do the morning and afternoon visits?
My friend will come by in the evening after work to care for the
animals (or will you do visits from XX date to XX date?  My
brother will do the rest of the visits until we get home). 

A. No, we do not do job shares.  This means we will not pet sit
when someone else (a friend, neighbor, relative etc) is also
caring for your pet.  We should be the only person caring for your
pets while you are gone.  There are many issues that arise when
you have multiple people caring for your pet. Communication
often breaks down between caregivers.  Pets get double food,
double medication, visits missed, the other person does not
show up when scheduled, they move needed items to different
locations, leave the door unlocked, etc.   If something goes wrong
you would not know who the responsible party was.   Our
insurance and bonding would not be in effect if we were not the
sole caregivers, so please do not ask us to do job shares.  If
other friends, family, contractors or other pet care people are in
your home while you are away, Lovable Pet Sitter will NOT be
held liable for any damage to your home, theft, or escaped pets.  
When someone else has access and permission to be in your
home while you are away we cannot be held responsible for what
they may or may not do.

Q. How Do We Respond to Last Minute Booking for New
A. If we are able to help the potential client we will plain & simple.
But we insist we meet with them in person at their home prior to
their departure. Its amazing how many people are willing to not
meet you, leave a key or just give out the code to their home & not
think anything of it! If they can not meet with us before they leave
we will not accept the job. Most people appreciate the
professionalism of insisting on a face to face meeting.
If we are booked and know of a sitter who may be able to help
them we will refer them to another business.

We pride ourselves on not just the quality of service we provide
but the quality of my clients.  They are excellent pet owners who
have their pets best interest in mind. We would rather turn away a
potentially poor business & keep a smaller higher quality of
clientele. This helps the integrity of our business & increases our
business on a quality level.  
We always wait for the bomb to drop the week before a holiday.
Our clients know we book way in advance for Holiday & therefore
book us ahead of time. In our eyes the good pet sitters will be
booked for Holidays because they are in such high demand for
good services provided.
Pet owners who decide to wait until the last minute to make
arrangements for their pets for the Holidays personally annoy us
because majority of the time the pets are an after thought. When
and if we are able to take last minute potential clients we keep
the philosophy they may be a one & done job. The people who
use you once & you never hear from again. However there is
always room for error. Some of my best most loyal clients are the
last minute calls who we thought might be one & done. They
learned their lesson of waiting until the last minute & really
appreciated our professional courtesy & being able to help them

Q. Why shouldn't I use my neighbor’s child or a low cost pet

A.  In most cases you get what you pay for.  Is not it worth a little
more to ensure that your pets and home are in safe hands and
that if something goes wrong it will be taken care of by a
professional pet care provider?

Q. Will you do a visit for our cat every other day or every few

A. No, we require that cats get at least one visit per day. Cats can
get trapped/stuck in areas of the home or have other emergency
medical conditions.

Q.  I’m going to be traveling for 2 to 6 months.  Do you provide
long-term overnight sitting?

A.  Absolutely.  Long-term pet and overnight sitting in your home
is available.

Q. Will you just let my dog outside to potty with no fenced yard
or tie-out?  He just does his business and comes right back in.
A. No, for liability reasons we would not let dogs out without a
leash.  He could get lost or injured or he could injure someone
else while not under leash control.  It is also against the law.  
Even if the dog is well behaved and obedient for you off-leash, it
does not mean they will listen to us.  Dogs need to be let into a
fenced yard (an invisible fence is okay) or pen, clipped to a tie-out
or walked on leash.

Q.  What will you do if my pet becomes ill while I am away?
A. If it appears that something is wrong with your pet, we will be
called at the emergency numbers on file for you.  If you believe the
veterinarian should see your pet, the pet will be transported to the
veterinarian’s office for examination and treatment.  If you cannot
be reached, we will decide if the veterinarian should see your
pet.  If necessary, your pet will be taken for treatment.  You will be
billed by the hour and for transporting costs for any extra time
spent in providing these services.

Q. Can you take my dog to a dog park or for hikes on trails off

A. Yes, this is an option if your dog responds to voice
commands.  Dogs will be taken off leash only in locations where
it is allowed.  You will need to complete an authorization and
waiver document.  Please complete the document in full.  It
requires three signatures.  You can mail the waiver to the
address on the form, or leave it at your home to be picked up
during the first visit.  Without a completed and signed
authorization and waiver document it will not be possible to
provide this service.

Q. Are there additional fees charged on holidays?
A. We do charge a $20 extra charge per day (New Year's Eve and
Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
Christmas Eve and Day, President's Day).
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